Hello Families! 

My name is Kaylani Campbell. 

I’m a military wife, mom, certified teacher, and the brains behind Progress to Success Online Tutoring. 

Progress to Success Online Tutoring was born from the need for quality reading and test prep education at your convenience. As a certified teacher, I understand the difficulties children face, and the frustration parents face, when their child is a struggling reader. School is a great place to learn reading skills but is often difficult to garner the one on one attention that is needed if difficulties in reading exist. 

As a parent, I know that time with our children is so precious. This is the very thing that led me out of the traditional classroom and creating a business where I can still help children without missing time with my own. 

As our lives become busier and more fast-paced, we need a way to help our children without slowing down too much. Alas, online tutoring. With the click of a button, your child and I are instantly connected and can learn together in our online classroom. 

After many years in public education, earning an M.Ed in Educational Leadership, and being TESOL certified, it is time for me to live my passion, helping students gain a love for reading. 

Today, I work with children from all levels and walks of life to help them progress to success in reading skills and confidence. I am sure we will make a great team. I hope to see your family in the classroom soon.